If God used his Word to create the world, if the Incarnate Word is my Lord, if the saving message of the Gospel must be expressed in words, then a few good words might be worth fighting for.

Here I will define some important words, not as the world uses them, but as they should be used. Once you agree, vow to stop abusing them and let’s start fixing the world together.

  • theology: this is the study of God. Forget about academia, this is something that every man must do. You only get to choose between
    • Being a lousy theologian, possessed by the zeitgeist of your day and controlled by traditions you don’t understand, and
    • Learning the truth for yourself by reading the Bible carefully and logically.
  • science: knowledge. There is nothing more to it, and don’t believe anyone who tries to convince you of anything by throwing this word in your face. People like that are illusionists with nothing to offer you but smoke, mirrors, and an empty life.
  • logic: human reason. Careful thinking that is designed to avoid absurdities and contradictions.
  • opinion: the truth. According to you. Basically, what you think. There’s nothing humble about pretending that your opinion might be false–in fact, if your opinion coincides with the truth, then this is arrogance. Read this.